Wednesday, January 16, 2008

roll, over

I was really on a little roll, there - 3 entries in 5 days - but apparently it's all over now. Not sure why I haven't posted, just every time I sit down to it seems like I'd rather read other peoples blogs.

Anyway, in my last post I mentioned that I would be having the prenatal massage my husband got me for Christmas. Where have I been??? I should have started this prenatal massage thing waaaaaay earlier in my pregnancy - no wait, I should have started it in my FIRST pregnancy. It was at Bliss, which is not my favorite, but I went to the one at the W hotel on 49th Street and it was much more relaxing than the one in Soho. They gave me a male masseuse, which normally doesn't bother me, but being pregnant and all I was a little hesitant. He turned out to be one of those spiritual yoga type guys, though, so it was all ok. He gave me a Buddha charm at the end. Anyway, it was fabulous and relaxing and I think that I must need a heated bed and a giant fluffy body pillow in my own house, because I almost fell asleep. And sleep is a rare commodity for me these days. Alas, the husband doesn't agree. He's already complaining that I want a private room at the hospital. The only bad thing about was the brownie bar. Because my facist OB, if you recall, has me watching my sugar and carbs. And really, what pregnant woman wants to hear that? And ok, I had one, but they were really tiny and if she didn't tell me to stay away from the sweets I would have eaten eleventy million of them. They're pretty crafty, that Bliss spa. First a massage, and then a brownie bar? You have to admit, it puts them right up over the top.

So it has been decided that I will be having another C section. My OB, who is all about the natural way of doing everything, has determined that if my 7 lb 1 oz first baby didn't fit, the second one probably won't either. And it looks like #2 has also inherited his fathers (and older brothers) giant size head. (An aside - after the Boy was born, I mentioned in front of my inlaws that he had the big MYLASTNAMEHERE head. Whereupon my brother in law remarked, " I didn't realize there WAS a big MYLASTNAMEHERE - which is also his last name - head." Heh.) I won't get the date until the end of the month, but looks like the very first week of March. Yikes. I better get my ass to the country to get the baby stuff out of the attic. And I guess I better think about a double stroller, too.

And in other news, my boy has some kind of weird bumpy little rash thing on his face that's freaking me out just a little.

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