Saturday, January 5, 2008


So I dropped the Boy off at my parents this afternoon, did my usual trip to Target while in the suburbs with the car, and am now home drinking tea. The boy is sleeping at Nana's tonight while the husband and I go to an early dinner at Gramercy Tavern and then to the theater to see the new Mamet. (I bought him those tickets for Christmas. Nothing like a gift for your husband that you get to enjoy, right?) I figure we better live it up while we can. Well, live it up as much as possible before 10:30 pm, when I turn into a pumpkin.

On Friday when the babysitter came I actually really did make it to the movies, which is shocking - I always end up feeling guilty for squandering my babysitter time and end up running a million boring errands. Atonement was amazing, while maybe a little heavy for 11am on a sunny Friday afternoon. I debated seeing Juno first, but am not sure I'll get back to the movies anytime soon and really wanted to see Atonement. It was a gorgeous film, and right in line with the dark and depressing genre I seem to be drawn to while pregnant and extra emotional. When I was pregnant with the Boy, I went to see 'Night Mother with Edie Falco on Broadway, and literally spent the second half of the play sobbing and hiccuping and shredding tissues.

It was a good relaxing day, though, and by now I have pretty much let go of all the holiday stress that was weighing on me, so I think I won't even post about it. And one of my new years goals is to spend one of my babysitting days per week doing something relaxing, just for me, until the baby comes. Next Friday I'm cashing in on my prenatal massage certificate that P got me for Christmas. Ok, off to find something suitable to wrap around this giant belly.

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