Friday, October 24, 2008

the Baby

I at the very least need to document some of what is going on. The baby is almost 8 months old, and this time is just flying by.

He is huge - 29" and 20lbs, and is just starting to grow some peach fuzz. He was like a suspicious, bald old man until last week.

He has 4 teeth already, and he grinds them. aaugh.

He is happily sitting up to play for much of the day, and if something is out of his reach he hurls his whole body forward to get on his belly, sometimes faceplanting right into the carpet with his pacifier in his mouth. Ouch.

He is obsessed with drinking water from a glass. He will spy my water glass sitting on the table, and start wriggling his whole chubby little body, opening and closing his hands and grunting. When I hold it up to his mouth, he drinks it pretty well (except for the teeth clanking) and holds it with both hands.

He eats everything you put in front of him, and has started eating those little dissolvable puffs - tonight he figured out how to get it to his mouth himself.

He thinks the sun rises and sets on his big brother, who alternately plays lovingly with him and smacks him around. As soon as he sees the Boy his whole face lights up, and he grins with his two top jack o lantern teeth.