Friday, August 22, 2008

well, hey....

June, was the last time I was on this thing. Sad, really, and I should just give it up completely but what the hell.
I was inspired to write tonight because on my way home from my big night out (coffee and CVS shopping - coffee to go, mind you) I stopped in front of my building to answer my phone and there was a NAKED GUY in his kitchen on the first floor. With no curtains. A young guy, too. Maybe I'll start running all my errands at 9pm.

And in other news, we moved the boys in together into our room, and we took the Boys old room, which is smaller and has no attached bathroom. Why yes, we did give up the master suite (such as it was) for the kids. But that's where the bathtub is anyway, we shower in the stall in the 2nd bathroom, and I cannot live for one more minute with all these toys in the living room. Bad enough I've had to push all the furniture back against the walls (mind you, we have one big room for living and eating) but the giant easel in front of my bookshelf is pushing me over the edge.

And I must say, I have been having a fabulous summer, one I don't think I have been nearly grateful enough for. Two weeks on Cape Cod with the family, and then another week in the Hamptons with my dear, dear friend who has been unfortunately relocated to Europe, taking with her the only mom-stage friend I could call at 5 and say, "These kids are driving me nuts, bring yours over and we'll feed them together" Which really kind of sucks for me, but it was great to see her, even though the week was all work and not the least little bit relaxing. The beaches were beautiful, and we got to hang out, even if it was sometimes at 3am with crying children around rather than at 3am with a glass of wine at an outdoor cafe. So all good.

The Boy had a great time at the Cape. He played miniature golf for the first time, learned to play ping pong, collected rocks, and spent every possible second in the water with Daddy. One day, when he condescended to go to the waters edge with me ("But Mama, you don't take me out reeeeally far and jump the big waves" - Reeeeealy far means knee deep, btw), he looked at me and said, "This is a great vacation."

And the Baby is a big ole bruiser - big boy, with his fathers dark skin and a fuzzy little halo of blond hair, and teeth! Two teeth, first at four months old.

So I'm tired, and I think these last 5 months have aged me, oh, 10 or 15 years, but I feel so lucky to have it. And now I have a naked guy in my building.

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